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The shadow

Into the night series

Gouache and acrylic on canvas

70 x 100 x 2 cm 

Unframed & ready to hang.



About into the night series

The series "Into the night"  explores the theme of nighttime landscapes as a journey into one's own shadow. A path into finding the way through


The Shadow

“If you comprehend the darkness, it seizes you. It comes over you like the night with black shadows and countless shimmering stars. Silence and peace come over you if you begin to comprehend the darkness. Only he who does not comprehend the darkness fears the night. “ Carl Jung


Do you want to know more ?

Do you want to see in in the flesh, have more details or connect with the artist? Send me a message to ask your questions, to have a virtual or an in person studio visit to see the paintings and for additional pictures. 

The shadow_ Original painting

3 300,00 €Prix
  • The paintings is signed on the side and on the back of the canvas, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

    The painting comes ready to hang, but you can substitute your own hangin system if you wish. 

    The painting comes unframed, do get in touch if you want to have it framed

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